Flying Lady

About Us

David and Zach flying a volunteer Angel Flight Mission
Ted Surfing a big wave

Our People

David Nassar, Founder/Partner
Zachary Nassar, Co-founder/Partner
Ted Bryce, Partner
Leigh Meyering, Winemaker
Mallory McEligot, Director of Sales & Operations

Father and Son Founders David and Zachary Nassar are Award Winning Craftsman who develop and build lifestyle real estate projects (ski resort, airparks, historic preservation, etc.) associated with fun and adventure. They are dedicated to authenticity, craftsmanship, creativity and design, and this commitment to quality carries through for hand-crafting exceptional premium wines made without compromise.

Ted Bryce was introduced to David and Zachary after the Glass Fire, when the Flying Lady Winery and Estate was destroyed. They partnered based on Ted’s deep passion for Napa Valley and wine, and how friendships and partnerships can form in the face of adversity. The three partners immediately began rebuilding the home and winery at Flying Lady Estate and share a passion for adventure and winemaking.

Our veteran winemaker Leigh Meyering is not only an oenologist from UC Davis but began her career as a winemaker on Spring Mountain. Her history and passion runs deep, which aligns Leigh and Flying lady perfectly. Her methodology, which is both art and science, is a rare combination. Leigh believes great wine is made in the vineyard and that comes through in her dedicated and disciplined visits to the vineyard for testing and monitoring. Her enduring approach continues through harvest, fermentation, cooperage and virtually all facets of the winemaking process. Rarely does a winemaker touch every aspect of winemaking and production, leading to an exceptional customer experience.

YOU are “our people” and who we do this for. Share your stories of adventure and love of wine! What’s your adventure.

Our Logo

Each bottle of our wine is graced by the Flying Lady—the protector of the adventurer’s soul—who has been the powerful yet graceful figurehead adorning vessels exploring the unknown on land, sea, and air throughout the centuries. She’s a symbol representing our belief in uncompromised quality, excellence, and the spirit of adventure.

Flying Lady Winery
Flying Lady Winery under construction opening April/May 2024
Flying Lady residence just completed
Flying Lady residence just completed

Our Places

Great Wine Begins In the Vineyard

We are a small-batch exclusive winery located in Spring Mountain, Napa Valley. A perfect blend of location, personality and soulful intention allows us to showcase the soil, fruit, and heart of one of Napa Valley’s oldest wine regions.

boutique Production hailing from the top vinticultural region in the world

Our single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon gets its start high on Spring Mountain alongside the Flying Lady Winery and Estate. The appellation lies in a special valley depression atop an otherwise steeper terrace of the Mayacamas Mountains that separates Napa Valley from Sonoma Valley. This creates a confluence where natural springs and a unique slope meet to create one of the rarest and most special vineyards in all of the valley.

The resulting high-quality mountain fruit produces an overall more complex yet gentle Cabernet Sauvignon with concentrated flavors, soft tannins and supreme age-ability.

Rebuilding the Flying Lady Winery and Estate
Our Progress

Like many of our friends and neighbors in Napa Valley, Flying Lady Winery was unfortunately destroyed just weeks after completing a major renovation of our winery. True to brand, rebuilding is our next adventure. Permits have been approved and a brand-new winery and indoor/outdoor tasting room that overlooks our vineyards, Spring Mountain and the Valley below are underway.

Like the Phoenix, our brand icon is five or six centuries old and we will emerge from the ashes with renewed life where guests can venture high above the valley at fog line levels and enjoy a tasting amongst one of the best views in Napa Valley.

Our partner

Angel Flight West is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs. Its network of 1,400+ pilots throughout the 13 western states donates aircraft, piloting skills, and all flying costs to help families in need, enabling them to receive vital treatment that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical, or geographic limitations.

David has been a “mission pilot” for angel Flight for 16 years, and both David and Zachary are active pilots dedicated to Angel Flights.

The Flying Lady team is honored to fly missions for Angel Flight West and to be a presenting sponsor at its annual fundraising gala, The Endeavor Awards. In addition to this ongoing support, Flying Lady donates $1 to Angel Flight West for every bottle sold.

Join Our Flight Club

Membership is your passport into first-in-line access to annual releases, exclusive access to special releases, up to a 20% discount on additional purchases (including special releases), and insider updates and information on wine production and the Flying Lady Winery and Estate.

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