Flying Lady

Gabriel E. Nassar

90-year old golfer and Flying Lady family-member enjoys Flying Lady’s supremely age-able Cabernet

WHat's Your Adventure?

There’s no question that life itself is an adventure, and not many get to be on the ride as long as David’s Dad and Zach’s Grandfather, Gabriel E. Nassar. Not just on the ride, but at 90 years young his foot’s still heavy on the pedal. He plays golf nearly everyday, cuts the grass on his tractor and plays a mean game of Gin Rummy. Since the age of 72, Gabe has shot his age on the golf course. When he’s asked how he does it?  His answer, “It gets easier as I get older”!

Gabe has raised 8 children and has 19 grandchildren.  His resilience and focus on the golf course exemplifies his spirit of adventure.  

Gabe Nassar

HOw Do You Pair Your Adventure?

No surprise that our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is all he drinks, and like our Cab, only improves with age!

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