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Michael Mauti

This pro NFL Linebacker is a fighter on and off the field, and celebrates his wins with Flying Lady

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Michael Mauti is a former NFL Football Linebacker who beat out harrowing odds both on and off the field. He is best known for his athleticism, perseverance and team leadership helping to hold the Penn State Football team together in 2012 after the infamous abuse scandal.  

Born and bred in Louisiana, football was an influential family affair. His dad, Rich Mauti played college ball at Penn State and professionally for the New Orleans Saints.  Michael followed in his father’s footsteps, leading The 2012 Penn State Football Team to a level that has recently been honored in the 2021 documentary, “Saving the Roar” featuring Michael and other team leaders.

Michael Mauti Photo by Steve Manuel Penn State at UVA
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He was initially drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2013 NFL Draft and then went to play for the New Orleans Saints in 2015. In the last several years of his career on top of old injuries, Michael also had to deal with Ulcerative Colitis, a lifelong autoimmune condition where your digestive system becomes painfully inflamed. He lost over 50 lbs in one season but still continued to show up and fight. The condition continued to worsen where he had to miss some of the 2016 season due to surgery. He persevered and went on to be re-signed with the Saints and played with them until 2018.  Michael is a true fighter.  

In September, 2021, Michael was featured in the aformention sports documentary, “Saving The Roar” about the 2012 Penn State Football Team who rose from the ashes and defined what it means to have success with honor. Fueled by childhood dreams and legacy bloodlines, Michael and teammates fought as gridiron warriors for something much greater than football.

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